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Meth Lab Cleanup Company provides our clients with timely service and superior project management in the states of Kansas, Nebraska, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri and Illinois. We pride ourselves in providing tailored work scopes that best meet our client's clandestine drug lab testing and decontamination needs. With more than fifteen years of experience in clandestine drug lab assessment and remediation, regulatory compliance and reporting,  Meth Lab Cleanup Company has emerged as a premier provider of clandestine drug lab services. We set the standard for efficient, cost-effective resolution and client satisfaction.

Meth Lab Testing & Remediation

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Meth Lab Cleanup Company helps customers find affordable solutions for any clandestine drug lab contamination challenge. From initial assessment through effective decontamination and quality closure documentation,  Meth Lab Cleanup Company is the company you can trust.

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Meth Lab Cleanup’s extensive experience in clandestine drug lab testing and decontamination of illegal drug lab properties sets us apart from all other companies in the field. Our growth is a result of continuous innovation and the effective application of the most reliable earth-kind detergents and technologies. Our services are supported by quality, comprehensive and reliable documentation.

validated meth residue test kits

Quality, Accurate, Validated Meth Residue Testing Products

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Meth labs are highly explosive and exposure to the chemicals used to create meth can cause health problems, including respiratory illness, skin and eye irritation, headaches, nausea, and dizziness. These chemicals can potentially contaminate drinking water supplies, soil, and air, causing a great danger to nearby residences.

Providing renters, landlords, realtors, buyers, sellers, and lending institutions with a clear understanding of contamination risks on a site is the primary focus of Meth Lab Cleanup Company's preliminary assessments. Our professionally trained, certified specialists are experienced in visual and risk assessment and meth residue testing. Our decontamination specialists also complete the task in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Need to test a home yourself?  Immediately?  Meth Lab Cleanup Company is now offering the most accurate, affordable meth contamination testing products on the market.  

Meth Test Kits

Instant, Validated Meth Residue Test Kits

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AccuMeth®, Meth Lab Cleanup‘s onsite kit, is much like a pregnancy test. This test is ideal for law enforcement, child protective services, realtors, clandestine drug lab specialists, home inspectors, renters, landlords, and prospective buyers. Anyone can test properties and have semi-quantitative results within ten minutes of application.   Black Box Reader® (above) is an electronic monitoring device made by Meth Lab Cleanup Company for the measurement of methamphetamine residue using the AccuMeth® lateral-flow assay and digital line intensity readings.  

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Laboratory Analyzed Meth Residue Test Kit

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Meth Lab Cleanup offers affordable home meth residue test kits in which the samples are analyzed by an independent, certified laboratory. Know exactly how much methamphetamine residue is present.  Take up to four surfaces samples and mail the samples to the laboratory. Once samples are received at the lab, it only takes two to three business days for results by email.  Instructions videos available. Detect meth residue levels to 0.02 µg 100/cm2.

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